Science Outreach

The project that takes up a lot of my free time currently is the Space Challenges educational program. It is a free, open to all program in Sofia, Bulgaria, in which we organize a series of lectures by world-leading experts in space science and technology, nanotechnology, astrobiology and space medicine, space law, and high technologies in general. The program also features applied projects, in which program participants learn to build nanosatellites, stratospheric shuttles, exoskeletons, and scientific visualization software. I have been working with the program for two years now.
You can learn more at
Check out this year’s online lecture videos (in English).

    Another project that I am very excited to work on in the near future will be the building and establishment of the first entirely digital public planetarium in Bulgaria. It will be built in my hometown, Plovdiv. More on this soon.

    I have been a long-time member of the astronomical club Helios in Haskovo, Bulgaria. I have been involved in the solar eclipse expedition of 1999, and have attended multiple summer schools in Astronomy, as a mentor and a student. I have also given several solar physics introductory presentations to high school students, and have participated in astrophotography exhibitions with my original photography.

    I have worked with other members of the solar physics community at CfA on outreach, most recently at the Cambridge Science Festival in 2012.


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