Science Presentations

Description of the EMMREM modeling framework, 2010 – PDF (4 Mb)
Presentation from the CCMC Modeling Workshop, 2010 – PDF (3 Mb)
AGU Fall Meeting talk on my work on coronal shock acceleration modeling, 2012 – PDF (13 Mb)
Presentation for the Bulgarian participation in NASA Space Apps Challenge, 2013 – PDF (19 Mb)
Talk given at the BashFest Postdoc Symposium at UT Austin, 2013 – PDF (34 Mb)
Talk given at the Center for Astrophysics Postdoc Symposium, 2013 – PDF (16 Mb)


In Bulgarian:

Презентация за кометата Лавджой, 2011 – PDF (7 Mb)
Семинар по астрономия на Софийския университет, 09/2013 – PDF (37 Mb)


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