Scientific Publications

[1] Kozarev, Kamen A.; Schwadron, Nathan A. A Data-driven Analytic Model for Proton Acceleration by Large-scale Solar Coronal Shocks. , 831:120, November 2016. [DOI | PDF]
[1] Schwadron, N. A.; Lee, M. A.; Gorby, M.; Lugaz, N.; Spence, H. E.; Desai, M.; Török, T.; Downs, C.; Linker, J.; Lionello, R.; Mikić, Z.; Riley, P.; Giacalone, J.; Jokipii, J. R.; Kota, J.; Kozarev, K. Particle Acceleration at Low Coronal Compression Regions and Shocks. , 810:97, September 2015. [DOI | PDF]
[1] Kozarev, K. A.; Raymond, J. C.; Lobzin, V. V.; Hammer, M. Properties of a Coronal Shock Wave as a Driver of Early SEP Acceleration. , 799:167, February 2015. [DOI | PDF]
[1] Schwadron, Nathan A.; Gorby, Matt; Török, Tibor; Downs, Cooper; Linker, Jon; Lionello, Roberto; Mikić, Zoran; Riley, Pete; Giacalone, Joe; Chandran, Ben; Germaschewski, Kai; Isenberg, Phil A.; Lee, Martin A.; Lugaz, Noe; Smith, Sonya; Spence, Harlan E.; Desai, Mihir; Kasper, Justin; Kozarev, Kamen; Korreck, Kelly; Stevens, Mike; Cooper, John; MacNeice, Peter. Synthesis of 3-D Coronal-Solar Wind Energetic Particle Acceleration Modules. , 6:323, June 2014. [DOI | PDF]
[1] K. A. Kozarev, R. M. Evans, N. A. Schwadron, M. A. Dayeh, M.  Opher, and K. E. Korreck. Global Numerical Modeling of Energetic Proton Acceleration in a Coronal Mass Ejection Traveling through the Solar Corona. , 778:L43, November 2013. [DOI | PDF]
[2] K. A. Kozarev, K. E. Korreck, and N. A. Schwadron. The Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module (EMMREM): Framework and Current Developments. In L. Golub, I De Moortel, and T.  Shimizu, editors, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, volume 456 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, pages 151, May 2012. [|PDF]
[3] V. V. Sheel, S.  A. Haider, P.  Withers, K.  Kozarev, I.  Jun, S.  Kang, G. Gronoff, and C. Simon Wedlund. Numerical simulation of the effects of a solar energetic particle event on the ionosphere of Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), 117:5312, May 2012. [DOI | PDF]
[4] N. A. Schwadron, T. Baker, B. Blake, A. W. Case, J. F. Cooper, M. Golightly, A. Jordan, C. Joyce, J. Kasper, K. Kozarev, J. Mislinski, J. Mazur, A. Posner, O. Rother, S. Smith, H. E. Spence, L. W. Townsend, J. Wilson, and C. Zeitlin. Lunar radiation environment and space weathering from the Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation (CRaTER). Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), 117:0, March 2012. [DOI ]
[5] K. A. Kozarev, K. E. Korreck, V. V. Lobzin, M. A. Weber, and N. A. Schwadron. Off-limb Solar Coronal Wavefronts from SDO/AIA Extreme-ultraviolet Observations: Implications for Particle Production. , 733:L25, June 2011. [DOI | PDF]
[6] F. A. Cucinotta, S. Hu, N. A. Schwadron, K. Kozarev, L. W. Townsend, and M.-H. Y. Kim. Space radiation risk limits and Earth-Moon-Mars environmental models. Space Weather, 8:0, December 2010. [DOI ]
[7] K. A. Kozarev, R. M. Evans, M. A. Dayeh, N. A. Schwadron, M. Opher, K. E. Korreck, and T. I. Gombosi. Energetic protons accelerated by a model Coronal Mass Ejection and associated shock in the solar corona. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, page A1832, December 2010. []
[8] K. Kozarev, N. A. Schwadron, M. A. Dayeh, L. W. Townsend, M. I. Desai, and M. PourArsalan. Modeling the 2003 Halloween events with EMMREM: Energetic particles, radial gradients, and coupling to MHD. Space Weather, 8:0, November 2010. [DOI | PDF]
[9] M. A. Dayeh, M. I. Desai, K. Kozarev, N. A. Schwadron, L. W. Townsend, M. PourArsalan, C. Zeitlin, and R. B. Hatcher. Modeling proton intensity gradients and radiation dose equivalents in the inner heliosphere using EMMREM: May 2003 solar events. Space Weather, 8:0, November 2010. [DOI | PDF]
[10] C. Zeitlin, W. Boynton, I. Mitrofanov, D. Hassler, W. Atwell, T. F. Cleghorn, F. A. Cucinotta, M. Dayeh, M. Desai, S. B. Guetersloh, K. Kozarev, K. T. Lee, L. Pinsky, P. Saganti, N. A. Schwadron, and R. Turner. Mars Odyssey measurements of galactic cosmic rays and solar particles in Mars orbit, 2002-2008. Space Weather, 8:0, November 2010. [DOI ]
[11] M. PourArsalan, L. W. Townsend, N. A. Schwadron, K. Kozarev, M. A. Dayeh, and M. I. Desai. Time-dependent estimates of organ dose and dose equivalent rates for human crews in deep space from the 26 October 2003 solar energetic particle event (Halloween event) using the Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module. Space Weather, 8:0, August 2010. [DOI | PDF]
[12] N. A. Schwadron, A. J. Boyd, K. Kozarev, M. Golightly, H. Spence, L. W. Townsend, and M. Owens. Galactic cosmic ray radiation hazard in the unusual extended solar minimum between solar cycles 23 and 24. Space Weather, 8:0, May 2010. [DOI | PDF]
[13] N. A. Schwadron, L. Townsend, K. Kozarev, M. A. Dayeh, F. Cucinotta, M. Desai, M. Golightly, D. Hassler, R. Hatcher, M.-Y. Kim, A. Posner, M. PourArsalan, H. E. Spence, and R. K. Squier. Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module framework. Space Weather, 8:0, January 2010. [DOI | PDF]
[14] K. Kozarev, M. A. Dayeh, N. Schwadron, L. Townsend, M. Desai, and R. Squier. Modeling SEP event fluxes and the radiation environment throughout the inner Heliosphere with the EMMREM model – simulations and comparison with in-situ data. In D. N. Arabelos & C. C. Tscherning, editor, EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, volume 11 of EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, page 815, April 2009. []
[15] K. A. Kozarev, N. A. Schwadron, L. W. Townsend, R. Hatcher, M. Desai, M. Al-Dayeh, and R. Squier. The Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module (EMMREM): Framework and Current Developments. In I. Zhelyazkov, editor, American Institute of Physics Conference Series, volume 1121 of American Institute of Physics Conference Series, pages 164-168, April 2009. [DOI ]
[16] K. Kozarev, N. Schwadron, M. Al-Dayeh, L. Townsend, M. Desai, and R. Hatcher. Initial Validation of the Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, page A1544, December 2008. []
[17] K. E. Korreck, K. K. Reeves, K. Kozarev, and N. A. Schwadron. Relating X-ray Luminosity of Flares Observed by XRT to Magnetic Flux and the Solar Wind. In S. A. Matthews, J. M. Davis, & L. K. Harra, editor, First Results From Hinode, volume 397 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, page 106, September 2008. []
[18] J. M. Pasachoff, K. A. Kozarev, D. L. Butts, J. W. Gangestad, D. B. Seaton, B. de Pontieu, L. Golub, E. Deluca, K. Wilhelm, and I. Dammasch. Spicules, mass transfer, oscillations, and the heating of the corona. AGU Spring Meeting Abstracts, page C2, May 2005. []

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